[AA Custom] Airsoft AEG MOSFET 8mm Bearing V2 Gear Box [Fullset] [Version.2]

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Item Description:
Design based on carefully selected part's, wich is prepared for hi power upgrade's. Use of such part's like 8 mm beraing wich is cooparating with reinforced gears for reduced resistance and greather rate of fire. Chrome cylinder greathly extends live-spawn of the piston head o-ring as well as reinforced piston with steel teath work's well togather with metal spring guide with bearing.

Electrical system is made of low resistant whire's wich reduce load on battery and had been refited with MOSFET unit. This reduces trigger reaction time and enshure's long live spawn of trigger assembly. Overall safety of the unit is enshured by 30 amper fuse allowing for use of hi power output battery such as Li-Po / Li-ion / Li-fe.

Item Specification:
Drop in Gearbox
Version: V2 reinforced
Bearing: 8mm, ball
Weight: 506 g
Wire: High Heat Resisted Silver Wire
Cylinder Head: Metal
Cylinder: Steel
Nozzle: Transparency Plastic
Spring Guide: Steel
FET Power Control Fuse Hub.
Gears: Standard Hard Steel Gears Set.
Spring: 110% Spring
Piston: Full Teeth Piston Set.

Package Includes:
1) Full Set Gear Box x 1set
2) FET Fuse with Silver Wire X 1set

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