[AIM-0] 3X Magnifier Scope with FTS Mount

[AIM-O] 3X Magnifier Scope with FTS Mount

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[AIM-O] 3X Magnifier Scope with FTS Mount

???????????????????????? Description:
-Vastly improved accuracy at medium range distances-Increased target recognition and identification at greater distances
-Achieves extremely rapid transition from Close Quarters Battle to medium range targeting - and back again
-Retro-fits to all current HWS models - providing an instant upgrade path
-The unique Holographic technology allows the center dot to remain 1 moa in size, while the angular size of the target is magnified - only 47mm (1.8\') at 600m with the 3x magnifier
-Zero is maintained in the HWS and not in the magnifier - you never lose zero, no matter if you are targeting through the magnifier or only through the HWS
-Both magnifier mounts provide elevation and azimuth adjustment to allow the reticle to be centered in the FOV of the magnifier

-System: Magnifying Module
-Magnification: 3X
-Eye relief : at 5 FOV 40~90 mm at full FOV 60~65 mm
-Length : 110 mm (4.3")
-Width/height : 44x41 mm (1.7" x 1.6")
-Ring width : 30mm
-Weight : 460 g* (7,1 ounces) inc rubber cover
-Material: Full Metal Housing
-Color: Anodized Matte Black

Package Contents:
1) 3x Magniifer Scope x 1pc
2) come with a Flip-up scope mount with QD system x 1pc
3) Cleaning Towel x 1pc

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