[CYMA] AK105 Assault Rifle AEG [Fixed Stock]

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[CYMA][Item No.:CM031B] AK105 Assault Rifle AEG [Fixed Stock]

14mm”-” to 20mm”+” AKS74U type Metal Flash Hider.
Metal AK105 type frout sight and front set with plastic AK74 handguard.
Plastic AK74 Body frame with AK74 type fixed stock.
Adjustable AK type rear sight with marking.
Adjustable Hopup system.
Black plastic AK74 hand grip.
Safe & Full-Auto / Semi Selector lever.
Store up to 8.4V large type battery (small plug) inside the rear stock.
Ready to go for 350 FPS without modification.
Front and rear sling swivel wich can installed any single, 2- or 3 point tactical sling.
Included Front Sight Adjustment and cleaning rod.
Included 500 rounds AK74 type Hi-Capacity Magazine.

Package Contents:
1) Gun x 1pc
Magazine x 1pc

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