[DBoys][K-45] 800m AK Flip-Up Rear Sight

[DBoys] 800m AK Flip-Up Rear Sight

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Factory Code: K-45

Brand: DBoys

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[DBoys][K-45] 800m AK Flip-Up Rear Sight

  • D-Boys Steel Type N 800m AK Rear Sight.
  • Steel Construction.
  • Adjustable rear sight.
  • The rear sight has an elevation knob with range indicators from 0 to 800 meters.
  • Suitable for Ak Series Airsoft Rifle.


  • D-Boys model no. - K-45
  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 28g
  • Material - Steel Construction

Package Contents:

  1. Rear Sight x 1pc

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