[DBOYS][M-6] BB Bullet Loader[M4 Style] [470rds]

[DBOYS] BB Bullet Loader[M4 Style] [470rds]

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Factory Code: M-6

Brand: DBoys

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[DBOYS][M-6] BB Bullet Loader[M4 Style] [470rds]

  • Simply pour BB into the loader, align nozzle to magazine feed tube, then just push the pump.
  • No more messy BB handling & no need to carry the fragile long BB loading rod around.
  • Hold up to 470 Rounds of BB.
  • Fit into all rifle magazine pouches.
  • Work with all airsoft magazine including AEG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol & revolver...etc.
  • Design to work with Electric, Gas & Spring Pistol Magazine.
  • Suitable for both Plastic & Metal 6mm BB.


  • D-Boys model no. - M-6
  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 80g
  • Material - Plastic
Package Contents:
BB Loader x 1pc
Adaptor x 1pc

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