[Emerson] Fast Magazine Pistol Magazine [HLD]

[Emerson] Fast Magazine Pistol Magazine [HLD]

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[Emerson] Fast Magazine Pistol Magazine [Kryptek Highlander]

Fast Magazine Holster Gen 3 for M4 5.56 Nato Mag (Kryptek Highlander)
High Density Plastic Composite with lightweight, comfort and rigid construction
Each Magazine Belt Pouch can hold 1x 5.56 (M4/ AR15) Rifle Magazine
Reduce reloading cycling time
Mounts to any MOLLE / P.A.L.S. 1” Web system
Adjustable Tension Strap
Mounting Slot on the front allows operator to "double-stack" or attach other accessory pouch using MALICE Clip

Material: Plastic, Rubber for the Bands.
Compatibility: Any Pistol Magazines

Package Contents:
1) Pistol Pouch x 2pc

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