[G&P] PEQ-15A Laser and Infrared Designator with IR Illuminator [DE]

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[G&P][GP959] PEQ-15A Laser and Infrared Designator with IR Illuminator [DE]

G&P has brought real deal working Infrared pointer and illuminator to the world of Airsoft.
The GP959 PEQ unit comes with a high power laser, an Infrared pointer,
and an Infrared illuminator. All 3 PEQ functions have adjustable power. The GP959 also
has the ability to use either intermittent power with the included pressure switch, or
constant power. The entire unit is made from high quality CNC aluminum with rubber seals to keep out the elements.

- Full CNC aluminum construction
- Real Working Infrared Pointer and Illuminator! (Must have night vision to see infrared)
- Pressure switch included
- QD attachment to adapt to any 20mm standard rail interface
- Fully Adjustable

G&P Dual Laser Destinator and Illuminator
A) Output & mode switch
1. ON LO PWR-->Low power constant on
2. MOM LO PWR-->Low power momentary on
3. OFF-->Off
4. MOM HI PWR-->Hi power momentary on
5. ON HI PWR-->Hi power constant on

B) Function switch
1. VIS POINT-->Visible pointer only
2. I/R ILLUM-->Infra-red illuminator only
3. I/R POINT & ILLUM-->Infra-red pointer and illumator
4. I/R POINT-->Infra-red pointer only
**Invisible laser and illuminator only visible with night vision equipment**

Running on a CR123A battery (one included), this laser designator module is a multi-mode laser device.

Dimensions: 88mm x 73mm x 45mm
Battery: 1x CR123A (included)
Package Includes: GP959 PEQ unit, pressure switch, 1x CR123A battery cell
Materials: CNC Aluminum, rubber, steel
Weight: 260g
Length: 90mm

Package Contents:
1) PEQ-15A Device x 1pc
Tail Switch x 1pc
3) Battery x 1pc

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