[GATE] USB-Link[For GATE Control Station]

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Factory Code: USB-L

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[GATE] USB-Link[For GATE Control Station]

    • The USB-Link allows the user to connect TITAN to PC in order to use GATE Control Station App.
    • What is the difference between using Tactical Programming Card or USB-Link?
    • The main difference is that the Tactical Programming Card is small, lightweight and portable. Using USB-Link with GATE Control Station? gives more functions, including firmware update and requires connection to PC.
    • Kit contents:
    • USB-Link for GATE Control Station App
    • Quickstart Guide


      • Part No.: USB-L
      • Colour: Black
      • Material: Metal and Plastic
      • Weight: 100g
      • Compatibility: Any GATE MOSFET Series

      Package Contents:

      1. USB-L x 1set

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