[HK3P] Fully Metal F226 Navy MK24 with Silencer [Engraving Logo] [BLK]

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[H.K.] P226R Railed GBB Pistol Gun with Skull Silencer and Adapter [Engraving Logo, Full Metal)

- Material: Fully Metal Slide & Frame, Plastic for the Foregrip.
- Length: 200 mm
- Barrel Length: 97 mm
- Magazine Capacity: 25 +1 Rounds

- Gas: Top Gas
- System: Gas Blow Back
- Muzzle Velocity: Approx. 285Fps based on 0.2g BB & Top Gas
- Weight: 1110g*

Package Contents:
1) Gun x 1pc
2) Magazine x 1pc

3) Silencer x 1pc
4) Adapter x 1pc

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