[MadDog] Functional REPRO SDU-5/E Strobe Light[Use with CR123A Battery]

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[MadDog] Functional Repro SDU-5/E Strobe Light[Best for VBSS Outfit]


  • Part No.: SIX-383
  • The MadDog Functional Repro SDU-5 Strobe Light is a waterproof, durable light source that emits an intermittently flashing light visible from up to 5 miles away. Featuring a unique design, it is ideal for use in aircrew and special forces operations. The SDU-5/E is the perfect choice for VBSS outfit.

  • Good for Vintage Loadout
  • Spec.
  1. Main technical indicators:
  2. Flash frequency: 30-50 times/min.
  3. Marking distance: ≥5 kilometers.
  4. Illumination intensity: ≥0.5LX.
  5. Power supply: two BR-2/3A lithium batteries (6V).
  6. Flash continuous use time: ≥15 hours.
  7. Continuous use time of lighting: ≥8 hours.


    • Material: Plastic
    • Weight: 130g*
    • Colour: Red and Black
    • Battery Type: CR123A x 2pcs
    • Compatibility: Any VBSS Loadout

    Package Contents:

    1. Strobe Light x 1pc

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