[Magpul PTS] MIAD Grip Full Kit Set [AEG Pistol Grip] [DE]

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[Magpul PTS] MIAD Grip Full Kit Set [AEG Pistol Grip] [DE]
  • Airsoft Version of MIsson ADaptable AR15/M16 Grip.
  • Improved ergonimics and positive rough texture.
  • **This item is taken off from an Airsoft AEG gun. They are definitely genuine Magpul PTS Grip**
  • Suitable for M4 / M16 Series.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Dark Earth
  • Weight: 100g*
  • Compatibility: Any M4 AEG Series
Package Contents:
  1. Pistol Grip x 1pc
  2. 2 Interchangeable Panels
NOTE: Some AEG gearbox with large diameter bearings may conflict with the grip, minor modifications required for installation.

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