[SLONG] AEG Dual Protrusion AEG Hop Up Bucking[BLK]

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Factory Code: SL-00-09

Brand: SLONG

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[SLONG] AEG Dual Protrusion AEG Hop Up Bucking[BLK]

  • Dual-Protrusion Design, Air-tight enhanced thickness, Allowing every BB pellet to be aligned at the  center and maintaining stable projectile for continuous shooting. 
  • Vivid red allows easy installation.
  • Uses materials Imported from Europe for extended life, Resisting brittleness and cracking, Improves effective distance.


  • Part No.:SL-00-09
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Silcone Rubber
  • Hardless: 60degrees
  • Weight: 10g*

Package Contents:

  1. Hop-Up Bucking x 1pc

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