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Our Store Open Hours ( HKT, GMT +08:00)- Local Sales : Monday~Friday From 1:00pm~7:00pm

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Store Address: 03, Unit B, 8/F, Eastern Factory Building, 42-50 Kwai Ting Rd, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

中文地址           : 香港葵涌葵定路42~50號, 東方工業大廈8樓B座03室
Tel.                    :  +85267464676
UK Tel.              :  +442081444443

Whatsapp         :  +85267464676
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How to Contact Sixmm Contact?


WHERE IS SIXMM'S OFFICE? Sixmm is based in Kwai Fong, Hong Kong.


SIxmm is just nearby the Kwai Fong Station. Only takes 8mins walk (Indoor) to our office.

Just follow the picture and Map and you will know where our office at!


1. Take the exit A and turn left.
     葵芳地鐵站A出口, 然後轉左.

Kwai Fong Station

2.Take the stairs up to 2nd floor of the building (you'll see the Stairs when you       take the left walkway.)

Where is Sixmm

Where is Sixmm

3. Once you reached to the 2nd floor, take the left walkway to out of this building


Where is Sixmm

4. Take the right turn at the end of the skywalk.


Where is Sixmm

Where is Sixmm?

5. Get in the Kwai Fong Eastate Shopping Mall, walk down to the walkway until you see the customer Service Centre.

Where is Sixmm

6. Once you reach to the Customer Service Center, take the exit on the right.


Where is Sixmm

7. Keep go forward until you see another Skywalk on your right hand side.


Where is Sixmm?

8. Get out of the Shopping Mall


Where is Sixmm?

9. at the end of 2nd Skywalk, take the Left turn.

Where is Sixmm?

10. Our Office is just next to 2nd SkyWalk (Rm B803, 8/F, Eastern Factory Building)
      東方工業大廈八樓 B803 室

Where is Sixmm?


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