[ACETECH] Lighter BT[World's Brightest Tracer Unit][BLK]

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SKU: AA#11401 (4B1C) Part No.: PAT3010-B-004
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[ACETECH] Lighter BT[World's Brightest Tracer Unit][BLK]


  • Part No.: PAT3010-B-004
  • Lighter BT Tracer is now able to connect to Mobile phone through to Bluetooth, to perform the function of speedometer on ACETECH App.
  • Lighter BT has two lighting system, which can be select with green and red tracers  as well
  • The barrel cannot exceed 12 mm from the foremost end of the thread. The barrel will block the infrared sensor of Lighter BT and BB tracers will not be induced.
  • Lighter BT is used for Airsoft Only.


  • Support green and red tracers.
  • Support 35PRS running fire speed.
  • Built-in li-Poly battery with charge time of 2 hours
  • Charging once can provide the shooting of 30000 tracers.
  • LED power and electricity quantity display
  • Size: diameter 34.5 mm, length 100.5 mm
  • Weight: 78 g
  • Accessories: ● 1 MicroUSB charging cable
  • ● 1 manual
  • ● One M11 clockwise thread adapter/and one M14 counter-clockwise thread adapter
  • * Warranty period is 1 year from purchase date or 15 months from delivery date.
  • * Dismantling or retrofitting internal circuit components by oneself is not included in the scope of warranty.
  • * Damage caused out of heavily hitting by external force or falling from the high place and collision are not included i the scope of warranty.

Package Contents:

  1. Tracer x 1pc
  2. Adapter x 2pcs
  3. USB Cable x 1pc