[ACETECH] Lighter Pistol Tracer Suppressor[For WE-Tech GBB Pistol Series]

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Factory Code: PAT3000-B-001


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[ACETECH] Lighter Pistol Tracer Suppressor[For WE-Tech GBB Pistol Series]


  • The Acetech lighter is the new Acetech tracer module for airsoft pistols.
  • Due to its small dimensions it is to operate in small dimensions.
  • This unit can light up green luminous balls with very high brightness but lighten red luminous balls with medium brightness.
  • The tracer unit automatically switches off under the following conditions :
  • - Unit is idle for 40 minutes
  • - When power is low, after the power indicator blinks in red color for 3 seconds
  • Unit comes with a built in battery that can be charged by USB


  • Part No.: PAT3000-B-001
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 60g
  • Length: 110mm Dia.: 30mm
  • Compatibility: Any Pistol Outer Barrel with +11mm Clockwise Thread
  • Silencer Adapter: +11mm Clockwise, -14mm Counter Clockwise]
  • Material: Metal

Package Contents:

  1. Silencer x 1pc
  2. USB Charger Cable x 1pc
  3. Silencer adaptor x 1pc

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