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Here is the Section for Customer to paying the Additional Charge for your Order!

IF we are charging you us$170 that you select the qty to 170pcs.

Thank you!

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Prove up the order when they did not need to 👎

Bjorn Luba
Awesome Store

SIXmm is an awesome store with items especially accessories not available or very hard to find here in Australia. So this is my go to store for top of the range quality accessories. As for the shipping charges it is what it is, they can’t just be expected to lose money in shipping. Their prices are already great and as I said have an incredible range of items hard find so if you want them then there is shipping costs. There is an option on what type of shipping you would like and if you’re willing to wait a 2-3 weeks it’s really not that expensive.

Stupid idea for buying from 6mm

Rude staff!!

About Additional Shipping Charge

From the consumer's point of view, it's good to lower the delivery price.

Furthermore, when the dollar exchange rate is as high as it is now,

If the delivery price is low, consumers will find it very attractive.

Other shops put cheap products in their shopping cart and turn off the Internet window as soon as they see the high shipping cost.

With great disappointment.

Kim Taehyun
You guys are great

I did made some bad choice but this people helped me out so well that i dont need to do it wrong again. And even had some patient to deal with my stupid person. 10/10 would recommend this shop