[APS] CAM870 MKIII SAI Deluxe Match Airsoft Maker[SAI Licensed]

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[APS] CAM870 MKIII SAI Deluxe Match Airsoft Maker[SAI Licensed]

  • You're looking at one of the most realistic M870 replicas on the market. The M870 Deluxe Match CO2 Shotgun (SAI Licensed) most certainly looks the part, has similar dimensions to the real steel version and is definitely a shotgun you don't want to be on the receiving end of. You can expect this version to look exactly like the real steel counterpart with the fibre front as well as the stippled fore grip and grip itself. You'll most likely do the number 2 in your pants as you receive 12 BBs and a shot cup to the torso.
  • You're probably wondering, how does 12 BBs make its way through the inner barrels? APS decided to reject the whole inner barrel idea and just have the barrel itself which is fantastic! The thing is, if it doesn't have an hop up unit or a precision inner barrel, won't it only travel around 10 meters before the BBs start to drop? Yes it would, but the shotgun is meant to take out a large group in such a short range so this was perfectly designed for a CQB scenario.
  • There is a rule in Hong Kong where the largest object that leaves an airsoft replica has to be under 2 Joules / 465 fps. The Shot cup is the largest object and is ejected at around 280 fps, taking into account its size and weight, adds up to around 2 joules. The 12 BBs fly at around 280 fps once it leaves the barrel. You may think that isn't much at all, but remember there are 12 BBs so you'll feel it nevertheless!


  • Material: Metal, Magpul Plastic Funitures
  • Length:1005mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 6+ 1 Shell Cartridge (12 rds BB For Each )
  • System: Pump Action
  • Power (Muzzle Velocity): 330fps
  • Colour: Black with Golden Bolt
  • Shooting Mode: Manual
  • Weight: 4000.00g
Package Contents:
1) Gun x 1pc
Cartridge Shell x 2
3) Lots O' Caps x 1set
4) Lots O' Shot Cups X 1set

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