[APS] Bearing Spring Guide [For V2 AEG Gearbox]

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Factory Code: AEG016

Brand: APS

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[APS] Bearing Spring Guide [For V2 AEG Gearbox]
  • A.P.S. Bearing Spring Guide for Ver.2 Gearbox
  • This reinforced Spring Guide replace the original Stock Spring Guide of Airsoft AEG
  • It is designed for Quick change spring system of APS HYBRiD Gear Box
  • minimize the load for the motor caused by the spring tension
  • Especially important for upgraded AEG to install this
  • It also makes spring effectively spring back
  • It is fully compatible with aftermarket airsoft guns using TM Gear Box
  • Part No.: AEG016
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 30g
  • Compatibility: APS M4 Version 2 Gearbox
Package Contents:
  1. Spring Guide x 1pc

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