[APS] Drop Tube Adaptor DTA[For APS CAM870 Gas Shotgun]

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[APS][A-CAN024] Drop Tube Adaptor DTA[For CAM870 Shotgun]


  • Part No.: APS-CAM024
  • APS Drop Tube Adaptor DTA for CAM870 Shotgun.
  • Reinforced Nylon Fibe/Steel Construction.
  • Come With QD Sling Swivel.
  • Suitable for APS CAM 870 Shotgun.
  • Works with APS Vertical Pistol Grip VPG [APSH-870M-CAM023-VPG] - Sold Separately.
  • Able to install M4 Stock Tube on this Adaptor - Sold Separately.


  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 210g*
  • Material - Reinforced Nylon Fibe/Steel Construction

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