[ARES] Amoeba Striker (AS-01) Flash Hider Type 6

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[ARES] Amoeba Striker (AS-01) Flash Hider Type 6  


    • Ares Amoeba have released the Stiker AS-01 at fall 2016 which have received a lot of response, to make it a complete system,
    • Ares have stepped up the game and introduced a series of accessories to enable a fully customizable platform.
    • The Flash Hider Type 6 threads onto the dedicated 23mm threading and provides counter weight to the rifle.
    • It also provides an extreme aggressive appearance with the 'tank' style outlook.
    • Part No.: AS-FH-006
    • Colour: Black 
    • Compatibility:
    • Weight: 60g 
    • Material:
    • Length: 50mm 

    Package Contents:

    1. Flash Hider x1pc