[ARES] Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle[BLK]

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[ARES] Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle


  • Part No.: AS01-BK
  • The AS-01 features several desirable attributes such as a cock indicator, 23mm clockwise thraded barrel, short stroked pull action for a shorter pull action for quicker shorts, steel loading nozzle for enhanced durability, and adjustable trigger pull distance and pull pressure.
  • This sniper rifle also comes in four different colors (OD Green, Grey, Black, FDE) making it a great choice for different plays and different airsoft fields.
  • Out of the box the AS-01 shoots at 400fps and has an ammo capacity of 45 rounds in a magazine.
  • Upgrade potentials of the gun is also quite good, it accepts AEG springs, takes VSR-10 spec cocking handle, hop-up bucking and inner barrels.


  • Colour: Olive Drab
  • Weight: 4100g
  • Length: 1085mm
  • Magazine Loading Capacity: 45rds
  • Power(Muzzle Velocity): 400fps
  • Power Source: Bolt Action Spring Power Gun
  • Blowback: NO
  • Hop-Up Adjustment: Yes

Package Contents:

  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. Magazine x 1pc