[ARES] Amoeba Striker C.P.S.B. Upgrade Spring -550

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 [ARES] Amoeba Striker C.P.S.B. Upgrade Spring -550 


    • The spring is in the majority of airsoft guns today which is partly how to determine the guns power limit.
    • Its the part that post people would usually switch out for something stronger or weaker for CQB.
    • ARES are a well known brand in the Asia market today due to their affordable AEG and sniper rifles.
    • They've been making airsoft guns for awhile and know what the market wants when it comes to affordable yet quality cost guns.
    • The C.P.S.B. Upgrade Spring is part of a series of spring they've released which is designed only for the ARES Amoeba Striker system, so please refrain from installing into other platforms.
    • Part No.: AS-SP550
    • Colour: Sliver 
    • Compatibility: ARES AS01 STRIKER Sniper Rifle
    • Weight: 10g 
    • Material: Steel 

    Package Contents:

    1.  Spring x1pc