[ARES] AR Style 2150rds Drum MagaziAA#ne for Ares M4/ M16 AEG [BLK]

SKU: AA#12508

Factory Code: ARS-MAG-043

Brand: ARES

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[ARES] AR Style 2150rds Drum Magazine for Ares M4/ M16 AEG [BLK]


    •  The ARES drum mag is a high capacity magazine designed to work with a wide variety M4/M16 making it a good choice for players that want to carry more ammo but less magazines. 
    • Part No.:  ARS-MAG-043
    • Colour: Black 
    • Compatibility:  Standard M4/M16 AEGs
    • Weight: 460 g *
    • Material: Plastic

    Package Contents:

    1.  Magazine x1pc

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