[ARES] AW 338 Spring Power [OD]

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SKU: AA#12795 (3D) Part No.: MSR-008
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[ARES] AW 338 Spring Power [OD]


    • Ares 338 Sniper Rifle, really accurate out of the box, constructed with durable Nylon Fiber and aluminum outer barrel
    • ARES AW338 is VSR system compatible, able to use VSR type hop up which is a great news.
    • Part No.: MSR-008
    • Colour: Olive Drab 
    • Compatibility:
    • Weight: 5186g 
    • Material: Metal 
    • Length: 1202 mm 
    • Power: fps (1.47 Joules)
    • Power Source: Spring 
    • Blowback: NO
    • Shooting mode: Semi Auto 

    Package Contents:

    1.  Gun x1pc 
    2. Magazine x1pc