[ARES] M110K Silencer for ARES AR-SOC / SR-011 / 012 [DE]

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[ARES] M110K Silencer for ARES AR-SOC / SR-011 / 012 [DE]


    • The ARES M110K silencer is a mock silencer/suppressor for the ARES SOC-AR, SR-011, and SR-012 aegs.
    • The silencer is designed to fit directly over the flash hider of the said guns using a QD method.
    • You simply lift the bottom locking mechanism, fit it over the flash hider, and release. The silencer also features a hard front to handed impact.
    • Part No.: SIL-006-DE
    • Colour: Dark Earth
    • Compatibility: ARES AR-SOC, SR-011, SR-012 AEGs.
    • Weight: 310g* 
    • Material: Metal 
    • Length:  160 mm 

    Package Contents:

    1.  Silencer  x1pc