[ARES] M200 Sniper Rifle [TAN]

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Factory Code: LSR-006

Brand: ARES

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[ARES] M200 Sniper Rifle [TAN]


    • The real steel Cheytac M200 Intervention rifle is part of Cheytac's Long Range Rifle System which combines the weapon with low-drag bullets, advanced sighting and a ballistic calculator to give it unparalleled long range performance.
    • Using the .408 Cheytac ammunition, the rifle can engage targets out to a mile and a half.
    • Part No.: LSR-006
    • Colour: Tan 
    • Compatibility:
    • Weight: 5578g 
    • Material: Nylon Fiber + Metal 
    • Length: 1345 mm  
    • Power: 390 fps (1.47 Joules)
    • Power Source: Spring 
    • Blowback: NO 
    • Shooting Mode: Semi Auto 

    Package Contents: 

    1.  Gun x1pc 
    2. Magazine x1pc

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