[ARES] M4 Handguard Set [DH-002 X 1 / DH-013 X 5 / DH-006 X 1 / DH-014 X 1] M [BLK]

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SKU: AA#12757 Part No.: AM-DH-002-BK
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[ARES] M4 Handguard Set [DH-001 X 1 / DH-013 X 8 / DH-008 X 1 / DH-014 X 1] M [BLK]


    • Part No.: AM-DH-002-BK
    • Easy to mount, require no gunsmith. Available for change, retrofit, and adjust subject to user's needs and requirements.
    • Replaces the original handguard and gives the option to mount laser pointer, foregrip, handguard angle unit, bipod, flashlight etc.
    • Colour: Black 
    • Compatibility:  Standard M4 series, including AEG, GBB.
    • Weight: 260g 
    • Material: Polymer 
    • Length: 256mm 

    Package Contents:

    1.  Long Handguard Upper x1pc
    2.  3cm Lower slots x8pc 
    3.  3.5cm Rear slot x1pc 
    4.  1.5cm Short Lower slot x1pc
    5.  Front Hand Stop slot x1pc