[ARES] M40A6 Sniper Rifle Silencer [BLK]

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SKU: AA#12564 Part No.: SIL-010-BK
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[ARES] M40A6 Sniper Rifle Silencer [BLK]


    • The ARES M40A6 sniper rifle suppressor is designed to slip on directly over the muzzle device of the rifle without having to remove it.  The suppressor features a latch for quick attachment and detachment. 
    • Part No.: SIL-010-BK
    • Colour: Black
    • Compatibility: ARES M40A6 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 
    • Weight:  300g*
    • Length: 270mm
    • Material: Metal

    Package Contents:

    1.  Rifle x1pc