[ARES] WA2000 [Spring Power] New Version

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[ARES] WA2000 [Spring Power] New Version


    • The ARES airsoft version is a very faithful replication of the rifle and is spring powered. 
    • The rifle also includes the same style bipod that allows for stationary deployment of the rifle for maximum accuracy. 
    • For added realism, the WA2000 comes with dummy rounds for you to load into the magazine.  
    • Part No.: SR-018
    • Hop-Up: Adjustable 
    • Colour: Black and Brown 
    • Compatibility:
    • Weight: 6031g 
    • Material: Metal 
    • Length: 955 mm 
    • Power: fps (1.47 Joules)
    • Capacity: 50rds 
    • Shooting mode: Bolt Action 

    Package Contents: 

    1.  Gun x1pc
    2. Magazine x1pc