[ARES] Zine Alloy Cocking Handle for Amoeba 'STRIKER' [Type 1] [MG]

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SKU: AA#12740 Part No.: GS-CH-04
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[ARES] Zine Alloy Cocking Handle for Amoeba 'STRIKER'   [Type 1] [MG]


    • Part No.:  GS-CH-04
    • To enrich the whole shooting experience, Ares have introduced 6 types of replacement cocking handles for their newly released Amoeba AS-01 'Striker' sniper rifles, from 6 types and 17 combinations, one could choose which ever that looks apart , fits their ergonomic and how they usually pull their bolt.
    • The bolt handles / charging handles / cocking handle changes the grip and turn angle of the bolt, which helps to smoothen the pull action between shots and enables a quicker follow up shot.
    • Colour: Grey 
    • Compatibility:  AS Series 
    • Weight: 80g 
    • Material: Zinc Alloy

    Package Contents:

    1.   Cocking Handle x1pc