[ARES] New Electronic Circuit Unit [For ARES M4][Short length wired]

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SKU: AA#06026-2C1A Part No.: EFCS-003
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[ARES][E-GB-ECU-03]New Electronic Circuit Unit [For ARES M4][Short length wire]


  • Part No.: EFCS-003
  • The ARES New Electronic Circuit Unit for for ARES M4 Series as an additional features one can add to their ARES SR25 and M4A1 so long as they allow the use of the electric fire control unit.
  • This will make your AEG shoot like the Amoeba series which is incredibly smooth and consistent.
  • Precise magnetic sensors control piston position
  • Reduces stress on the spring
  • Requires less battery power to initiate motor
  • Onboard ABS enhance pistol
  • Able to withstand rapid semi fire
  • Long trigger life time
  • Easy to adjust trigger stroke
  • Super light trigger
  • Faster trigger response


  • Compatibility: ARES/AMOEBA AEG Gearbox
  • Wire Direction: Gearbox V.2 Short Length Wire (Especially for AM-013 Series)

Package Contents:

  1. Wire x 1set
  2. Electronic Circuit Unit x 1set