[ARES] Upgraded EFCS Gearbox[Front Wired]

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[ARES] Upgraded EFCS Gearbox [Front Wire]


  • Part No.: GB-M4E-FS01
  • ARES EFCS ECU Gearbox Complete - Front Wired is a complete gearbox replacement for ARES / Other Brands os M4 Airsoft weapons.
  • The unit itself is the reprogrammable EFCS unit, allowing it to be programmed for three round burst or be locked to single shot using the EFCS programming unit.
  • The MOSFET on the gearbox is the new generation 'Blue MOSFET' which is more resistant to Ampage / Voltage fluctuations and spikes, and allows 11V LiPo and LiFe type batteries as standard.
  • The gearbox is of the highest build quality, coming with a quick release spring guide, silver wiring, electronic trigger and upgraded MOSFET.
  • This is the perfect gearbox for if you want to start upgrading your pre-existing Amoeba or EFCS or want to switch a rear wired gun to a front wired system with no hassle.
  • Front Wired
  • Complete gear box
  • Programmable with Ares Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer EFCS
  • Silver wiring
  • Magnetic selector plate 
  • Magnetic sector gear
  • Newly revised Blue MOSFET
  • Withstands 11v as standard
  • Resistant to Ampage and Voltage fluctuations
  • Suitable for LiFe / LiPo Batteries
  • Electronic trigger for instant trigger response
  • Quick spring change system
  • Bearings on Bevel Gear, solid bushings on the sector gear and spur gear


  • Compatibility: Any AEG M4 Series (You may need to modify Piror to you
    installing this gearbox to Other Brands of Gearbox )
  • Li-Po Supported!
  • Bearing: 8mm Japan Bearings
  • Gearset:18:1 HI-Torque Gear Set
  • Spring Guide: Quick Release
  • Power of Spring: m110
  • Piston: Full 15 reinforced Steel Teeth
  • Weight : 650g*

Package Contents:

  1. Full Gearbox x 1set