[ARES] Infinite Torque Up Steel Gear Set[32:1]

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SKU: AA#06063 Part No.: MHG-004
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[ARES][MHG-004]Infinite Torque Up Steel Gear Set[32:1]


  • Part No.: MHG-004
  • Replace Original Gears with this upgrade Infinite Torque Gear
  • Torque Up Gear is designed to increase torque for pushing higher spring tension in power upgrade AEG
  • It may lower the rate of fire, but muzzle velocity (FPS) of each shot will be highly upgraded
  • Best use in conjunction of higher voltage battery
  • Package included bevel, spur, and sector gear
  • Suitable for ARES AEG Gearbox


  • Weight: 100g
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Compatibility: Any AEG Series (Except the SR25/ R85A1/L85A1)

Package Contents:

  1. Gear x 1set