[Army Force] Paintball/BB 40mm CO2 Grenade Cartridge Long [Green]

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[Army Force] Paintball/BB 40mm CO2 Grenade Cartridge Long [Green]

  • Army Force Gas powered airsoft launcher cartridge/Grenade Shower Shell.
  • Paintball/BB shower grenade cartridge.
  • Charged with CO2.
  • Gas Grenade can be filled with BB pellets, paintballs or color powder and shoot these over great distances with a loud sounding bang.
  • A very large & huge cloud of gas is emitted when fired.
  • Fit all 40mm Launcher: ARES, STAR, CA, Mosquito Mold, Sun Project, G&P M203 Launchers & CAW M79 ...etc.
  • Effective Distance is 20-30 meter.
  • Include 10pcs plastic plug.(plug color will be randomly selected)


  • Army Force model no. - AF-CT-0022
  • Color - Gold & Green
  • Weight - 300g*
  • Size - 105mm height (40mm diameter)
  • Material - Metal alloy
  • Filler - BB pellets, Paintballs, Colored Powder
  • Filler volume - max. 80 BB Pellets, 7 x 11mm Paintballs or 4 x 17mm Paintballs
  • Power source - CO2 gas
  • Sound volume - 78-110dB
  • Effective distance - 20-30m

Package Contents:

  1. Cartridge Shell x 1pc
  2. Bullet x 1pc