[Army Armament] R45 Detonics .45 GBB Pistol Gun[BLK]

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[Army Armament] R45 Detonics .45 GBB Pistol Gun[BLK]


  • Part No.: ARMY-R45
  • The Detonics Combat Master was the first really small and compact 1911-pattern pistol to be produced in significant numbers. Law enforcement fell in love with it immediately due to its diminutive size and quality.
  • It received 'star quality' when Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice was seen carrying one in a leg holster in the show. Far more important than the media exposure was the revolutionary reliability work done inside the pistol. The Detonics introduced the bulged barrel end so that the pistol did not require a bushing.
  • It also incorporated double and triple recoil springs. It was the first production 1911-pattern which was throated and ramped for hollowpoints. The high price and limited market for the pistol doomed the company.


  • Manufacturer: ARMY
  • Velocity [FPS]: 240
  • Propultion: Gas Propultion
  • Type of Fire: Single
  • Lenght: 170mm
  • Weight : 830g
  • Magazine Type: Low-Cap Magazine
  • Magazine Cpacity: 22 Rds
  • Hop-UP System: Yes, Regulated
  • Blow Back: Yes.
  • Material : Metal

Package Contents:
      1) Packed in Bag with Header.
- R45
       3) Magazine: Low Cap