[Asura Dynamics] B-11 Lower AK Rail Handguard [for AKS74U AEG / GBB Series]

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[Asura Dynamics] B-11 Lower Handguard Rail for AKS74U AEG / GBB


  • Part No.: AD-P-009
  • Asura Dynamics have released a B-11 Lower Handguard Rail for the AKS74U AEG / GBB!
The brands Include:


  • There is a rail underneath for any fore grips or other accessories out there. On the right side is a 4.5cm rail for a flashlight if need be! I have a feeling that this will be a very popular product as a lot of people like to modernize their AKs.


  • Weight: 180g*
  • Compatibility: Any AK74U AEG or GBB Series
  • Colour: Black
  • Length: 130mm
  • Material: Aluminium

Package Contents:

  1.  Rail Handguard x 1pc