[BattleAxe] 20mm RIS Spring Bipod Foregrip[Single Rail][Type A][BLK]

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[BattleAxe] 20mm RIS Spring Bipod Foregrip with Single Rail[Type A][BLK]


  • Part No.: BX-01D
  • BATTLEAXE 20mm RIS Spring Total Bipod Foregrip with Single Side rail Mount.
  • Made by high density polymer.
  • Tactical foregrip with built-in bipod.
  • Screw cap spring eject bipod legs.
  • Combine vertical foregrip and bipod function.
  • Fit all 20mm RIS rail.
  • Come with single side rail mount.
  • Improve accuracy and allow firm hold on your airsoft AEG.
  • Easy to install.
  • Perfect for outdoor war game activities.


  • Colour - Black
  • Weight - 240g
  • Foregrip height - 160mm
  • Bipod height - max. 220mm

Package Contents:

  1. Bipod Foregrip x 1pc