[BELL] P90 AEG Airsoft SMG[Anime JP][Ver. LLENN][Pink]

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[BELL] P90 AEG Airsoft SMG[Anime JP][Ver. LLENN][Pink]

Karen playing "Gun Gale Online" thanks to the small-statured avatar it gives her. As her avatar Llenn, she wears a pinks outfit, which provides camouflage in certain environments, is equipped with a pink P90 named "P-chan" , and can use super-speed.

  • -14mm Counter Clockwise Metal Flash Hider
  • polymer upper receiver
  • Ambidextrous cocking handle, magazine catch and fire selector
  • Nylon Fiber lower frame with "Model PROJECT 90 Cal 5.7x28 SS90" marking
  • Adjustabe hopup system
  • Ready to go for 270FPS without modification
  • Included 2 X 70 rounds Magazine


  • Part No.: 810-H
  • Material: ABS Consutrsion with Metal
  • Gearbox: Ver.6 P90 Geasrbox
  • Motor: Standard Motor
  • Hop-Up Adjustment: Yes
  • Firing Mode: Safe/ Semi-Auto/ Full-Auto
  • Length: 504mm
  • Barrel Length: 407mm
  • Power(Muzzle Velocity): 270fps
  • Magazine Loading Capacity: 68 Rounds ( 6mm BBs )
  • Weight: 2300g*

Package Contents:

  1. P90 AEG  x 1pc
  2. Magazine x 1pc

Customer Reviews

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Steve Martin
Pre-upgraded and surprisingly reliable

Double Bell, like most Chinese brands, are renowned for shamelessly ripping off other IPs. Fact. But when the Marui PChan is $800, this seemed a decent compromise for a purely showpiece gun. What I wasn't expecting was genuinely good build quality (and 420fps out the box, requiring down-tuning!). I bought 3 extra mags and in full day's playing, I only had 3 stoppages, that were all fixed with a mag dump and reload. The gun is exceptional. It's more accurate than it should be, sounds aggressive and doesn't 'creak' the way I expected it to. For a knock-off, it's very well built and well worth the $90 I paid for it - but I could have paid double that and still felt like I got a good deal. It seems that plagiarism has made these companies so rich that they're now using better materials and have a better QC process. Terrible for commerce but great for a softy on a budget. It only loses a star for ethical reasons.