[AIM-O] A.point T-1 Micro Reddot Sight with Lower Mount [DE]

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[AIM-O] A.point T-1 Micro Reddot Sight with Lower Mount [DE]

A-point latest model, used by special forces around the world. Made entirely of metal replica of the Micro T-1 provides continuous adjustment of the position of the gunner (with two knobs). Additionally, the shooter has the ability to adjust the brightness of the sign gunner in one of five degrees. Sam sighting sign may be displayed in red or green.

Includes low mounting allows collimator mounted on each replica RIS rail equipped with a width of 22 mm.

Length: 70 mm
Weight: 130 g
Color: Sand
Color the point: red / green
Mounting: 22 mm rail

Package Contents:
1) T-1
2) Battery
3) Mount

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