[CN Made] BHD P226 CQC Holster Set [DE]

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Airsoft Only.

-Fit P226 Series
-BeltLoop, Waist Mount, Drop leg Panel?included.
- Flashlight Pouch included (Compatible to 6P, 9P, G2 Surefire Flashlight)
- Magazine Pouch included
-No thumb break or awkward middle finger release to slow down your draw
-Speed cut allows faster draw and easy reholsterng

-Weight: 450g

Package Contents:
  1. CQC Holster x 1pc
  2. Beltloop x 1pc
  3. Waist Mount x 1pc
  4. Drop Leg Panel x 1pc
  5. Flashlight Pouch x 1pc
  6. Magazine Pouch x 1pc