[Army Force] TY Folding Front & Rear Sight [BLK]

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[Army Force] TY Folding Front & Rear Sight [BLK]

-Install to 20mm rail system
-TY Front & Rear Iron Sight Folding Battle style
-2 Different Focus Sizes For adjustment (Rear Sight)
-Elevation and Leverage adjustment on the rear sight
-Steel Thumb Nut allow fast installation & detachment
-Easy hook up, install in just seconds
-Full metal construction

Fit for any 20mm Picatinny rail system.

-Finishing: CNC Finishing
-Front Sight Weight: 41grams
-Rear Sight Weight:: 49grams
-Total Weight : 160g*
-Material: Metal

**Each Set to be packed into PVC Plastic Bag.

Package Contents:
1) Sight Set x 1set