[CYMA][C.43] MK5 Front Hand Guard w/ RIS

[CYMA] MK5 Front Hand Guard w/ RIS

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Factory Code: C.43

Brand: CYMA

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[CYMA][C.43] MK5 Front Hand Guard w/ RIS
The CYMA MP5 Front Hand Guard w/ RIS is made to replace the outer barrel section and hand guard on the Cyma CM041. This hand guard kit may work on other manufacturers brands MK5 but cannot be guaranteed by Airsoft GI. This kit will give the MK5 more potential because of the rail sections. The rails will allow the user to mount accessories like flash lights and vertical grips that will come in handy during play.

Manufacturer: Cyma
Design: MK5
Package Includes: outer barrel, RIS hand guard, vertical grip.

Package Contents:
1) Outer Barrel x 1pc
2) Rail Guard

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