[DBoys] Ver. 2 Gearbox Kit with Spring Guide & Piston

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[DBoys][M-47] Ver. 2 Gearbox Kit with Spring Guide & Piston

  • Spring Guide :
  • This reinforced Spring Guide replace the original Stock Spring Guide of Airsoft AEG
  • This spring guide with Ball Bearing is designed to minimize the load for the motor caused by the spring tension
  • Especially important for upgraded AEG to install this
  • It also makes spring effectively spring back
  • Backstop is specially equipped with Ball Bearing to prevent Spring Tension build-up during Full Auto Shooting Mode. It greatly reduces the risk of spring breakage
  • Suitable for Box Kit Version 2
  • Piston Head :
  • Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft AEG
  • Duracon Piston Head with Thrust Bearing is renewed to be more effective
  • It creates soft & quieter shooting sound
  • As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed
  • 6 pieces of ball bearing :
  • Made from high grade steel, very strong, very smooth.
  • Replace the original bushing to reduces probability of a gear strip due to bushing failure.
  • 7 mm steel bearing for all gearbox versions.
  • Color:Silver


  • Weight: 40g*
  • Compatibility: Version 2 Gearbox Only
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Plastic and Metal

Package Contents:

  1. Spring Guide x 1pc
  2. Bearing x 6pcs
  3. Piston Head x 1pc