[Element] GEN II Helmet LIGHT White/Blue/Infrared Beam [BLK]

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[Element][EX029] [Element] [EX029] GEN II Helmet LIGHT White/Blue/Infrared Beam[BLK]

Feature White, Blue & Infarad LEDs Mode in low-put llumination
Fit for MICH 2000 Helmet
20mm Rail Adaptor Mount include in a package

GEN II Helmet Light provides a compact, low-output illumination source for navigation or CQB purpose
Weatherproof Polymer Construction
Feature 3 Switching Modes ( Blinking IR LED, 2 Blue LEDs & 3 White LEDs) & 3 Level Brightness Adjustment
The white primary LEDs are perfect for close-work illumination such as reading maps and documents, loading gear, or repairing equipment in the field
The red secondary LEDs could serve as same purpose in a low-signature, night-vision-friendly color
one blinking infrared LED that serves as a personal Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon
Slide locking on sides of MICH 2000 by two socket-head machine screws
Include Modular Design RIS/RAS Mount Adaptor
Power : CR123A Batery


Package Contents:
1) Helmet Light
2) Mount