[Element] Helmet Light Manta Strobe / IR Version [DE]

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[Element] Helmet Light Manta Strobe / IR Version [BLK]

1) Click the Tail Cap Switch to Turn Manta Strobe On.
   The Manta Strobe will Vibrate three times to signal
   to the user that the manta is operating in infrared.

2) To Change to Overt Strobe Operation mode the user
    must depress both side buttons at the same time and
    hold for 5 seconds and then release.

3) To Transition back into infrared strobe operation that must
    be turned off and turned on once again.


  • Material: PC Plastic/ABS
  • Battery Type: CR-123A x 1pc
  • Functions: IR and Green LED

Package Contents:

  1. Helmet Light x 1pc