[Idiot Tailor] 5.56 / 9mm Fast Magazine Pouch Set[Tan]

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SKU: AA#01877 Part No.: SIX-221
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[Idiot Tailor] 5.56 / 9mm Fast Magazine Pouch Set[Tan]


  • Part No.: SIX-221
  • is a great accessory for any plate carrier, chest rig, or molle belt platform and is designed to give you a quick draw of your M4/AR magazines. This set comes with two fast mag pouches which can be configured side by side or primarily stacked on top of each other. The one with the tabs at the top is designed to attach to your molle platform and the tabs are tucked under the upper loops once the pouch has been weaved through for extra security.
  • On the back of the M4 magazine pouch, you have two rubber molle straps that weave through the molle loops as normal and fasten at the bottom of the pouch for retention. The pouch itself id made of two plastic cases held together with two rubber bands so it can stretch to various sized magazines and for the best results twist the magazine slightly whilst pulling to draw the magazine as quickly as possible.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatilibity:Fit for Any M4 AEG/GBB Magazine (1pc), Glock, HI-CAPA, P226, M9 Magazine (2pcs)

Package Contents:

  1. 5.56 magazine Pouch x 1set
  2. 9mm Pistol Magazine Pouch x 1set