[ETiny] Reinforcement Motor with Pinion Gear[For Systema M4 PTW]

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[ETiny] Reinforcement Motor with Pinion Gear[For Systema PTW]

  • Compatiable with Systema 490/7511 and CTW motor
  • A complete motor with CNC Steel pinion gear
  • Better performance and higher efficiency
  • New designed with easy maintenance structure
  • Same power consumation as Systema 7511 but much faster

Motor Performance:
(Below Performance result are based on 11,1v 15c 1300mAh Li-Po Battery)

  • 35000rpm based on Unloaded units
  • 29500rpm based on M90 Cylinder Unit with 19.60 ROF
  • 28800rpm based on M110 Cylinder Unit with 19.20 ROF
  • 28000rpm based on M130 Cylinder Unit with 18.60 ROF
  • 23000rpm based on M150 Cylinder Unit with 15.3 ROF


  • Material: Metal Housing; Pinion Gear: Steel
  • Colour: Silver and Black
  • Compatibility: Systema PTW, G&D DTW, Celcius CTW, A&K ATW Traning Weapon Series
  • Weight: 260g*

Package Contents:

  1. Reinforcement Motor x 1pc
  2. Pinion Gear x 1pc