[G&G] TR16 MBR 308SR AEG [BLK]

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[G&G] TR16 MBR 308SR AEG [BLK]


  • The G&G TR16 MBR 308SR is their take on an ultimate DMR airsoft rifle.
  • The rifle not only features modern externals such as a slimline and top-rail-lightened handguard, a 90 degree fire selector, ambidextrous controls, and a lockable, adjustable stock, it also boasts a range of advanced electronics to boot. 
  • The eletronics of the TR16 MBR 308SR starts with the MOSFET which now comes standard in many AEGs and anyone familiar to G&G knows their guns comes with them standard.
  • Where the advancement comes in is when it comes to their programmable fire control unit itself.
  • To start it features a micro speaker to allow the user to know information about the gun such as internal issues and when your battery is low.
  • Being programmable, you can easily program your gun to shoot different burst modes. Holding down the trigger on semi auto for 10 seconds gets you a 3rd burst mode. Switching between semi and full auto 5 times will get you 5 round burst.
  • Finally, holding down the trigger again for 10 seconds will get you back to having full auto.
  • Two more key features of the gun is that the TR16 MBR 308SR's magazines have a follower which will stop the rifle from firing after you run out of BBs, adding to more realism.
  • Now saving the best for last is the brand NEW G2 Gearbox. Their G2 gear box is a notable upgrade over the previous with an emphasis on durability and efficiency.
  • Everything from the different cylinder heads to what gears they use have been revised and changed up and to top it off it features a quick change spring system to offer up a truly fully loaded package.
  • Part No.: A
  • Colour: Black
  • Magazine Compatibility: G&G G2H magazine, other standard .308 style AEG magazines.
  • Weight: 3052g
  • Capacity: 100 rds (mid-cap)
  • Power: 380 fps(1.33 Joules)
  • Battery Size: 7.4v with small Tamiya
  • Shooting Mode:  Burst/Semi Auto/Full Auto
  • Length: 860mm 

Package Contents:

1. G&G TR16 MBR 308SR x 1 pcs

2. 100rd Mid-Cap Magazine x 1 pcs

3. Cleaning rod x 1 pcs

4. User manual x 1 pcs

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