[Geat Power] Unchargable CR123A Batteries Set (10PCS/Set)

[Great Power] Unchargable CR123A Batteries Set (10PCS/Set)

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Brand: Great Power

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Item Description:
Made by Great Power
Model: CR123A
Compatiable to any Surefire Tactical Flashlight such as the M300C, M600C, M900A, 952V
1) High power CR123A lithium ion battery
2) Can be used for many applications: photo cameras, flashlights, light meters,
and many other photo equipment
3) Ultra long shelf life of 10 years with minimal natural discharge
4) Ultra high energy density and lasts 3-5 times longer than ordinary alkaline
batteries in high current drain devices like digital cameras
5) Fast flash performance with a consistent and very short recycle time
6) This high performance CR123A can replace the following models: CR123,
DL123A, K123A, EL123AP, VL123A, 5018LC, and CR17345
7) Warning: can not be recharged
Li/MnO2 primary lithium batteries

Item Specification:
1) Voltage: 3V
2) Capacity: 1,300mAh
3) Dimensions (H x Dia.): 16 x 32mm
4) Weight: 16g
5) 3.0V lithium manganese dioxide battery

Package Includes:
Batteries x 10pcs

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