[Golden Eagle] Jing Gong M870 Super Shortry Gas Pump Action Shotgun[DE]

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[Golden Eagle]Jing Gong M870 Super Shortry Gas Pump Action Shotgun[DE]

  • The Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company, USA. It is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense and also used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.
  • There are hundreds of variations of the Remington 870 in different models(Express, Marine, Mark 1, MCS, Police, Super Mag, Wingmaster and Tac-14) and different calibers(12, 16, 20, 28 gauges and .410 bore). From the original fifteen models offered, Remington currently produces dozens of models for civilian, law enforcement, and military sales.
  • Features:
  1. Triple Inner Barrel System
  2. 3-Shot and 6 Shot Mode
  3. Gas to be charged into a Gas tank which's inside the Grip
  4. Able to Hold One Shell Cartridge inside the Chamber as the picture shown.


  • Part No.: JG-M8876-DE
  • Colour: Tan and Black
  • Power Output: Green Gas
  • Material: Metal and Plastic Grip
  • Length: 470mm
  • Barrel Length: 220mm
  • Weight: 1870g (with shell)
  • Hop-up: Fixed
  • Shooting Mode: Safety, Manual (Pump Action)
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds Per Shell
  • Bullet Type: 6mm BB
  • Gas: 8KG (134A), 12KG (Green Gas)
  • Power(Muzzle Velocity): 235fps

Package Contents:

  1. Gun x 1pc
  2. Shell Cartridge x 3pcs
  3. Instruction Manual x 1pc